Wenjun Zhu

Full-time engineer

Email: wenjun@fudan.edu.cn

Address: A4007, No.2 Interdisciplinary Building, Jiangwan Campus, Fudan University

Research interests: 5G/6GSoftware efined network, Machine learning, Parallel computing


Wenjun Zhu graduated from Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications andreceived his master's degree in Software Engineering in 2020. His research interests include parallel algorithm design and network performance optimisation. He then joined Intel Asia Pacific R&D in 2020 as a software engineer, specializing in optimizing data center network performance and thedevelopment of AI-based network frameworks. He is currently working at Schoolof Computer Science and Technology, Fudan University. He has published 7 papers in national and international journals andconferences o, and 3 papers as the first author. The topics  range from computer network performance optimisation, AI-based traffic analysis, and the design of high-speed network caching architecture. In addition, he has received several patents, with atotal of one Chinese patent granted and three US patents granted.

During Wenjun Zhu's three year career as a software engineer at Intel, he focus on traffic filtering and data matching research under complex networks, such as the design of a DFA engine based on parallel instructions, which is severaltimes the performance of traditional solutions. He also focuses on the development of traffic analysis solutions under complex networks. For example,forthe detection of unknown malware, artificial intelligence algorithms are used to replace traditional solutions, and the solution has been successfully applied to ZTE's 5G network, achieving high throughput and low latency in termsof performance, fully revealing its potential value.