XingQiu He

Post doctor


Address: A5029, No.2 Interdisciplinary Building, Jiangwan Campus, Fudan University

Research interests: Edge computing, Semantic communication and Integrated space-air-ground networks


Xingqiu He received his Bachelor's degree and Ph.D. degree from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China in 2015 and 2022, respectively. After graduation, he joined the Singapore University of Technology and Design as a research fellow, collaborating with Professor Tony Quek, a Fellow of the Singapore Academy of Engineering and IEEE. He is currently working at the School of Computer Science, Fudan University. His research interests include edge computing, semantic communication, and integrated space-air-ground networks.

He has published 8 papers as the first author in domestic and international journals and conferences, including 4 A-class papers recommended by China Computer Association.